Kimball Corson

Pago Pago, American Samoa
U Chicago, 3 year MA in PhD Program, 68 (all but dissertation finished), JD 71
Retired. Sailing the world

I am sailing around the world solo in my own sailboat. I have postgraduate degrees from the University of Chicago. I had the good fortune to study under seven Nobel Laureates and was a protege of Milton Friedman. I was a lawyer, too, and tried larger jury cases and handled appeals. I do not believe much in law or politics, but I do believe in economic forces. I like both physical and mental activity. I don’t suffer foolishness meant in earnest very gladly, but I love foolishness for its own sake. I value my freedom and independence highly. I am both outgoing and withdrawn. I am also lazy and a hard worker. I like my cat and the way she thinks. I don’t drink much or smoke at all. I view the world as my home and wish I could be a citizen only of the world. Much about the rest of what interests me can be gleaned from my website at I am sometimes busy, too, writing articles on economics sometimes for SeekingAlpha, the world’s largest economics and investment website. I have had over 100 articles in a row published by them. I have also authored a minor technical book or two that have been published. In the past, I have been elected into Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Law, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, The Cambridge Who’s Who of Intellectuals, etc. Oh, I have become fluent in Spanish. which doesn’t help in French Polynesia or too much of the rest of the world. I want to learn French more fluently, too, before I die, but need a good, prolonged full- emersion opportunity for that, which I might have to create for myself.

Kimball Corson: The Core Problems with MMT

The Core Problems with MMT The core POLITICAL notion behind modern monetary theory (“MMT”) is to use budget deficits to achieve needed and proper government spending levels, when raising taxes on income and wealth are blocked politically, realizing that higher public debt, unlike budget restrained private debt, is not an economic problem in most circumstances…

Kimball Corson: Congressional Republicans Say Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Joke

Congressional Republicans Say Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Joke President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled a new tax plan Wednesday. Trump’s approach is seen as a direct affront to Paul Ryan and Ways and Means Chair Kevin Brady (CNN)Despite a positive public front, congressional Republicans are quietly voicing frustration that President Donald Trump’s big tax announcement…