Dr. Jim Garrow: Walking Softly – Carrying A Big Stick – Dr. Jerome Corsi

Walking Softly – Carrying A Big Stick – Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Conversations are being overheard in a variety of places across the Republic postulating what to do about the $350 million dollar lawsuit against the Mueller team launched by Dr. Jerome Corsi’s legal eagles led by the bulldog lawyer Larry Klayman.

The critical notion being framed by the team is that the Mueller investigators were pressuring Corsi in a direct attempt to give assent to a major lie before the committee. The commissioners were actually prepared to suborn perjury itself. The shock for the commission must have been palpable when the nervous appearing, Harvard graduate stopped them in their tracks and called them out for their attempt to violate the rule of law and the Christian ethos that guides the walk and talk of the often published author Dr. Jerome Corsi. What is so surprising for me personally having known Jerry for 6 years (we share the same publisher) and Larry Klayman for the past 4 years since we chatted during the 2 Million Bikers to DC rally in Fort Washington is that professional investigators could miss the essence of what motivates both Corsi and Kayman so blatantly.

Perhaps the nervousness of Corsi under the intense scrutiny of the committee and the 40 hours of cross examination that he underwent might have left the Meuller crew with the impression this guy was going to be easily influenced by threats or the suggestion to massage his testimony along the lines that would give the commission the connecting points that they wanted that would lead from Corsi, to Stone and then on to the real prize, President Trump himself. One of the members made the error of verbally connecting the dots for Corsi and giving him the basis for the lawsuit itself. An egregious blunder that proved to be.

So on to the whispers that are leaking hither and yon obviously from the Mueller cabal members and out to a select few beyond those closed door meetings. How much will this cost to have the lawsuit disappear is the query. What will the price be to have this embarrassment vanish before the eggs find faces to attach to? Somewhere north of $100 million but less than $200 million? Now we are talking real money and if this is being breathed behind the closed doors someone is mighty afraid that the lawsuit has traction. Best to make it go away while they still can.

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ps You can get behind Dr. Corsi personally at corsination.com

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. 

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