Dr. Jim Garrow: When Evil Struts Its Stuff

When Evil Struts Its Stuff:

Dr. Jim Garrow

I could never have imagined that I would see in my own lifetime the signs of evil rising up all around us. Nevertheless we are living in a time when pure evil is celebrated, lauded and encouraged. Today we see folks celebrating how wonderful their abortion was, how fulfilling their sexual escapades with animals are. The nations purse has proven to be a sewer into which the folks that we trust with the governance that we depend on, dip their greedy hands in fulfillment of their debauched licentious lifestyles. In years gone by we would see tabloids in the supermarket line ups that proclaimed all manner of nonsense which morphed into all manner of perversion. You must take care not to take your children down certain aisles, the check out counter being the worst offender. In a flash what was considered way out there, outlandish, horrible things have become the common place activities of the headline makers.

When we are treated to Pastors crying their eyes out in contrition for being caught in promiscuous sexual perversion we wonder what is coming next. Count on it, it will be more of the same, but worse. The days are coming when anything will go. In that day and age we will be able to look up in certainty knowing that our salvation draweth nigh, the trump will sound and we will be relieved of the burden of this life for a far better place without the limits of time in perfect harmony with He who created us and loved us enough to suffer death on our behalf and in our place. But He did not stay in the grave, He arose so that we could look forward to rising with Him. Whatever He did that was miraculous we are called to do even more.

Even so come Lord Jesus.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –