Dr. Jim Garrow: The March Towards Having The President Removed For Psychological Reasons Moves Forward

The March Towards Having The President Removed For Psychological Reasons Moves Forward:

Dr. Jim Garrow

The left is not just dissatisfied with the Republics choice of Donald Trump as President, they have sworn to do all in their power to unseat him. When the Nazis were in power across Europe one of the easiest ways to remove an opponent was to have them adjudged as being mentally incompetent in any number of ways with terminal results. Being shipped off for “examination” was a death sentence. Few were seen again. Of course today the Left are far more nuanced in what they are able to do, but the intents remain the same. Win at all costs, to hell with law and order, whatever it takes to gain control they will do.

Enter the psychiatrists with their collective control of bafflegab. They will from across a broad spectrum of sources call into question the sanity of the President and then have their collaborators move against him. Doubt it. Read this article and then sit back and observe media, politicians, business leaders, educators, the religious, all lining up and questioning the mental state of President Trump. The aim is simple, have him judged as being incompetent and then remove him. Once again they give the finger to We The People. The free choice of a free people is not just to be questioned but to be ignored by our betters. The Marxists drool over the prospect of bringing down the free market scourge of America to be replaced by Marxism. The fact that it has never worked anywhere in the world and produced freedom for its people groups is ignored. The ignorant leftists live in the la la land of their own slogans and imaginings. The rest of us are basically to shut up and bow to them and their wisdom.

The answer to their need for a totalitarian state is simple. – rebellion – insurrection against any who usurp the rule of law, the Constitution and the Will of We the People. You voted, made your choice known, now get armed and be prepared to protect the Republic against those who would tear it down. They want a fight – what they never really counted on was how committed Americans are to freedom and liberty and how long and drawn out the loss will be when guerrilla warfare is visited on them. They want a servile people? Wrong call.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –