Dr. Jim Garrow: Immigrants, Welfare Fraud Artists, and Refugees

Immigrants, Welfare Fraud Artists, and Refugees:

Dr. Jim Garrow

An easy question for even those with bags over their heads. If an Islamist from an Islamic country cries out their need to escape their current regime, what are they in need of escape from? Are they poor because they are the wrong brand of Islamist and can’t get decent employment? Are they poor because they would not send their sons and daughters to jihadist training camps because they love them more than money? Are they poor because the nation that they live in has a preferential scale of who and what they will support with state dollars? Have they been judged by a pseudo-religious panel to be unworthy of receiving assistance because they aren’t islamist enough?

Getting rid of malcontents and reassigning the faithful produce the same end, immigration. The flood of “refugees” across Europe and Britain in particular are check marks on the islamist agenda to rule the world. What was at one time a kindness given to the deserving whose unemployment or lack of employment was a result of nothing they had done was a short term and appropriate use of State dollars. The exception (or selling point) was always that welfare was a temporary measure. Now that we are witnessing the 5th generation of welfare bums seeding their own retirements through continuous misuse of the system and defrauding the taxpayer of his/her money, the taxpaying public are drawing a line at those who demand and would kill to keep the money coming. Jihadists have been playing the system since the first islamist realized that they could use the words of the Koran, the Hadath and the Sura to rob the western world blind with justification. The loonie westerners adoption of marxism underlying welfare decisions was like watching the proverbial train wreck of the culture and playing beautifully into the hands of the “refugee” frauds.

The western world leaders need to just say NO. No more muslim immigrants period. A revue of all claimants of any sort and the removal of all fraud artists and their families to less than friendly islamist countries of our choosing. Let the faithful sort out their own frauds. Charity is meant for the home team, not the frauds currently invading the west. In a few short days, the Trump team will be getting tough on that particular fraud. Giuliani showed how to clean up a corrupt system in New York, Trump will do it on a broader scale to the cheers of the taxpayer and the jeers of the leftists who were hoping to broaden their voter base through any means possible.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –