Fleenor’s Restaurant and Bar

Fleenor’s is located in downtown Santa Ana where the old Bistro 400 used to be. Remember the old Bistro 400? We used to frequent that place in years past. Enjoyed hanging out there in the afternoon and having a Martini or two. Sadly the Bistro closed its doors for the last time a few years back, but there is hope for those of us that enjoy the nightlife in Santa Ana! The corner spot on Fourth and Birch streets has now been reopened as Fleenor’s Restaurant, and thus far we really like it.

The interior of the restaurant has been remodeled and updated from what it used to look like. The decor is still in keeping with a relaxed atmosphere, so the vib is very friendly and could be considered to be business casual. We opted to sit outside as we have in the past, and on a cool and sunny day, there is no better a place to be.

As of the date of this review Fleenor’s has been open for two days, and as expected there are little things that they may need to iron out, but all and all it was a delightful afternoon. Although the waiter was a bit slow in bringing our first round of Martinis, and I think it was because of some confusion as to who was going to wait our table, he was very attentive and gracious after. The Martinis were done well and were cold.

We ordered the spicy fried chicken pieces with ranch appetizer to take the edge off.  It was soooo good and the portions were good.  We’ll have then again the next time we head over to Fleenor’s.

On a footnote, we spoke to the cook, Lin, and asked him about ingredients used in their food.  We were told that they source only organic, GMO-free ingredients, and they do not use MSG in anything.  Also great news!
























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