Dr. Jim Garrow: The Global Control Exercised By The Drug Cartels Worldwide Need To Be Exposed, Not Encouraged

The Global Control Exercised By The Drug Cartels Worldwide Need To Be Exposed, Not Encouraged:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Of all the “secrets” that are well known across the globe is the control that the drug cartels have over both the banking syndicate and the political class of folks whether in China, Europe, South America or the US. The hand on the tiller of the drug trade across the world is multifaceted and brilliant. The tie into the banking world is terrifying. Drugs rule the world, period.

The political class bow to the almighty dollar and that dollar is dusted with the taint of drugs. If you thought the Clintons were dirty, you are close but unless you realize how they launder drug money you miss the most powerful element that keeps them in the business of global political influence. The CIA over the years since Col Oliver North let the cat out of the bag have been busy providing off the book funds to every side of every argument and political wars in every nation-state on the globe, drug generated funds, the cycle is easy – war, guns, drugs.

I’m waiting for someone to write the definitive book on How Drugs Rule The World. Many folks have contacted me over time looking for snippets of information but I have never seen one iota of recognition of the absolute power of these cartels and their global reach. People are diverted into looking at the Banking Cartels but they need to look beyond the veil of secrecy and see how the bricks of heroin and cocaine turn into gold bricks in bank vaults across the globe including the Federal Reserve.

My first visit to Bogota, Cali, and Medellin in Colombia opened my eyes in the late 90’s to the power and reach of these groups. Now that the first months of the Trump agenda have decimated the grow ops of Colombia, the world is turning to the Islamist nations to make up the supply side of the demand-driven drug trade. The Islamists are making out like bandits and have more bucks than they know what to do with courtesy of drugs, not oil. When they realized that oil was finite and could in fact run out they did what any good businessman would do, they diversified. Drugs were the perfect old/new opportunity for them. Now they can bring down America the old fashioned way, through vice and corruption.

Soon Trump will have licensed fields providing marijuana to the Trudeau cannabis trade in Canada. Europe will be next and India and China thereafter. Grow in America, sell through Canada, bank everywhere.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –