Dr. Jim Garrow: Opining and Predicting

Opining And Predicting:

Dr. Jim Garrow

The talking heads are waxing eloquent regarding whether or not President Trump will be foolish enough to fire Meuller. In point of fact it would not matter what President Trump did, did not, will, or will not do. The marxist media will skewer him no matter what he does. I like the fact that he doesn’t care. The public are catching on to the way the media conspire to trounce the President at every turn. They may not agree with The Donald but they certainly don’t agree with the constant barrage of bologna directed at and about the Leader of the Free World.

I’m sure many of us have noticed that “things are getting better, they’re getting better every day” – my apologies to the script writers of that Kevin Costner movie about the fake mailman, turning into a heroic figure loved and remembered by all. Except me of course.

I was sitting having lunch after having a look at new pickup trucks ( I am recovering from sticker shock even now) and listened to the newest episode of Dump On Trump oozing from the CNN morons who replaced the previous no sense opinion squawkers. The coffee shop folks were all atwitter about Trump dumping the Iran deal. I thought it was a brilliant reflection of a President doing what is best for America first and the world second. This guy is in the habit of doing just that and daring all comers to have at it. Eventually the doom sayers who see disaster looming on the horizon will realize that what they are seeing is a clearing ahead with opportunity for America on that horizon led by The Donald.

The Boss is not perfect, and I am not referring to his hair, but he knows where the goal lines are and his aim is sure and his resolve unerring. My kind of dude, the kind of guy I could work for and give my loyalty to. God first, America and then The Donald – that works for me.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –