An Open Letter to David Hogg of Parkland School

An Open Letter to David Hogg of Parkland School

Dear Young David:

Drew Pooters

I noticed your new campaign ad, ‘What If Our Politicians Weren’t the B*tch of the NRA’ with great amusement –and I will tell you why.

First, the NRA only has five to six million members (more, so long as you keep talking without thinking about the ramifications of your words); there are millions more firearms owners out there whom the NRA does not speak for, but they support their CONSTITUTIONAL right to keep and bear arms, just as you support yours of speech. Keep that in mind that over 60% of the households in the nation keep firearms, and that there are 17 million former military and police who also advocate their rights – are you suggesting they are the “b*tch” of the NRA as well? Rather insulting for someone who has never served nor places his life on the line for others. If I was one of those politicians representing people who wanted their rights protected from an encroaching Federal Government, I would be insulted since I was elected to represent the interests of my constituents – but here I must fault your teachers who force their political agenda on young minds like yours instead of doing their proper job. I can say that since I personally know the schools in Florida are atrocious; I had to go to Lake Highland Prep for a decent education when I was a High School freshman, and it only seems to have gone downhill since then – and you are the product of a failed educational and political agenda, destined to fail like it.

In a way, you are the “b*tch” of your teachers, who are the “b*tches” of the political left which wants to curtail all our freedoms eventually – but the one that gives us means to resist has to go first, so, you have been bent over to be filled with propaganda and no reasoning that stands up to reality. I can see that, clearly, you revel in obtaining fresh injections to make you think you are someone in this fight, when in reality, you are not. When you have no means to resist, you will be the “b*tch” of someone else, and that could be the State on down – but being 17, and not being outside this nation, your insulation shows with ignorant remarks about gun ownership, yet you fail to debate anyone on it who might hurt your argument fatally in front of others. THAT is why you won’t debate – you’re in your safe space, complicit with the media, but when you get to the outside world, that space will vanish and you will have to face the reality your generation wishes to create. I can’t wait to see how well you do when it hits you like a freight train.

Yes, indeed, you would know about being someone’s “b*tch”, from teachers to elected politicians (Who profited off of leaving you in danger; where else can a Sheriff Department own a Ferrari but will not defend you? Oh, I’m sorry -didn’t your teachers tell you that the police do not have to defend you? Surprise, surprise! Open season on those who cannot defend themselves!) to those pulling the strings from behind all of them. Do you know what is worse? You seem to thrive on being one; when you develop independent thinking skills, let me know and we’ll go head to head – that’s right: seventeen and a product of the American Education System (or lack thereof) versus a trained, educated, military veteran. I can assure you I will give you no quarter – for that is what real life is about. That’s why I see women your age getting trained in self-defense with firearms; they don’t want to be a “b*tch” like you.

Oh, one last thing: perhaps we ought to give you a taste of the First Amendment with Second Amendment rules since words do all you snowflakes so much damage; How bout a ten-day period before you can post on FB, allowing your background to be checked to see if your comment goes by the censor’s rules – and perhaps is intelligent enough to be posted. How bout not letting you comment on anything political until you’re 21? How about having you right revoked at any time if any chair bound bureaucrat decided you’re dangerous with your speech. But hey – we HAVE people who can tell you about that firsthand: they are the survivors of Communism. But, oh, you teachers never tell you that, do they?

Being your teacher’s “b*tch” left you bent over and unable to see what is really going on. Well, at least you’ll never have a problem with constipation now, will you?