Dr, Jim Garrow: The Dishonest Media and The Dishonest Message

The Dishonest Media and The Dishonest Message:

Dr. Jim Garrow

It was the great thinker Marshall McLuhan who posited that “the medium is the message”, and that particular truth has never been more evident than in the bias-laden media of this new millennium. What is most astounding and heavily saddening is that there are few voices raised in challenge to much of the Marxist opinion that poses for “news reportage” in this day and age. We are daily inundated with pure Marxist drivel disguised as observations of reality. Nothing could be further from the truth. The filter being used by our media is not the truth filter but the Marxism filter. The evidence that supports truth is ignored if it in some way shape or form does not align itself with the perspective of the Marxist. Ignoring truth is not reporting honestly, it is a presuppositional position that dishonestly warps the message to the belief system of the reporter which just happens to align with the communist hatred of western freedoms based in the truths given by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The God-hating media dedicate themselves to bashing all that stands in line with the Founding Fathers and they masquerade as open and honest reporters of fact. Again, the distance between truth and lie shortens with much of what the media deigns to report. Leaving out truth is the same as supporting the lie and once again the media can attend a meeting that you have attended and the report can leave you with mouth open, jaw on the floor wondering what in the world are they talking about. You were there and witnessed the event and heard the words and saw the response of the audience but the media have turned it on its head and made it the opposite of what it really was. The commitment to ideology is so great and so deep within the journalistic community that they can barely see the hypocrisy that they communicate and the lie that they have become.

The sad reality is that Marshall McLuhan would roll over in his grave if he could see how the message has been compromised by an ideology that uses the medium to boldly proclaim bias and lies. It is just as well that he has gone on to his eternal reward unknowing of what his brilliance has been used for.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –