Sprouts Farmer’s Markets

We decided to stop by Sprouts Farmers Market in Tustin the other day to check it out. Most of our grocery shopping has been done at Mother’s, but after discovering Sprouts on the Net, we wanted to see what they had to offer. Below is a letter to corporate that nicely sums up our feelings:


“After perusing your website and creating a login to help the wife and I plan meals, we decided to visit one of your stores. We have shopped at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Mother’s Markets in the past, and in the end, decided that Mother’s had what we were looking for. It was nice to find that Spouts was also in a league with Mother’s, and could be our alternate store for healthy foods.

In visiting your store we were pleased with both the selection and how helpful the employees were in finding what we were looking for. That is until I decided that I would head over to the deli department and buy something for dinner. The store was almost empty because it was New Year’s day in the evening and there was no one at the deli counter with the exception of a young woman behind the counter making sandwiches. I looked around and decided on one of the stuffed chicken breasts that were behind the glass. I stood there for about three minutes, but the woman didn’t acknowledge me or check to see if anyone was standing there. I figured that she was wrapped up in her sandwich making, so I politely said, “excuse me”. She briefly turned her head to the side and said, “yea?” then turned back to her sandwich making. I asked her if she could please wrap me one of the stuffed chicken breasts and she responded,”okay”. I waited about another three to five minutes, then asked her about how much longer it would be, and she said that she would wait on me after she finished making her sandwiches, in about five minutes. The irritating part was that it appeared that she was only making sandwiches for the deli window because for the past eight minutes that I had been standing there no one was anywhere near the deli. Another woman walked by the counter and over to where the chickens were baking, but she paid no attention to me standing there. Finally, I was exasperated and left the counter.

I asked where the manager was and a polite young man pointed her out. I explained to the manager what had just happened and she was very apologetic and polite and offered to wrap me up a chicken breast, but I explained that I had no appetite by then, but just wanted to let her know about the terse and rude behavior of her deli worker. She apologized again, and I thanked her for her response to the situation.

Not a very pleasant first visit to one of your stores. The only reason why I would give Sprouts a second chance is because of how the manager handled the situation. She left little doubt that she was going to handle what had happened. I just wanted to let you know of my experience.”

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