Dr. Jim Garrow: Democratic Truth – My rumor + your rumor + mantra of the day = Truth

Democratic Truth – My rumor + your rumor + mantra of the day = Truth:

Dr.Jim Garrow

If you haven’t noticed a tendency for the mainstream media to opine collectively on every subject under the sun and reach the same conclusions in an amazing fashion, you are living under a rock. The same words, images, and deductions are reached as if the whole thing were a collective rhythmic breathing exercise. Somewhere out there (apologies to the songwriter) in the left wing muddle of space is a universe far far away (sorry Star Wars) that evolved into this all-seeing eye of sameness. It is as if this group think all took turns looking down the telescope from the wrong end and wrote about their observations relying on each other for the proper verbiage to organize and analyze what they were looking at. And then along comes a conservative who follows dots and reports what the dots look like and where they lead. Instant insanity rules, the leftists go nuts ( aka business as usual), seethe and rage and declare the right winger to be biased and all who believe the observations to be dull-witted, knuckle dragging neanderthals in need of capture, therapy or euthanizing. The huge number of voices all shrilling the same message leaves no doubt in the mind of a trusting public that truth has been found, resting on the bedrock of evidence and clarity of thought.

Fooled again.

Embedded within the cacophony of noise is that little island of truth championed by the brave soul who ignores the volume of falsehood and holds firmly that tiny candle of truth and dares at some point to hold it high and become the target, the wrath of the whirlwind of leftism would crush if they could. Sprinkled all around the would be truth-teller are little sparkles, reflectors of light just waiting to capture for a brief moment the next truth and then hurl it on its way to pierce the darkness. Our moment to shine may be brief but our opportunity to reflect the truth and be part of the twinkle that appears in the eye of a God happy to see those little glimmers appearing and faithfully bouncing off the little reflectors of His nature all over the universe. The receptors of truth in all of us rejoice when that enlightenment from God hits us for our moment of usefulness and we pass on to others His reflected glory – Truth – the universe yearns for it, freedom and liberty grow in its soil and when ignited the blaze is an amazing thing to witness.

Twinkle for the moment that God grants you and reflect His light and be part of that great shining of truth against the dark background of a universe of lies. The contrast will be wonderful

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. 

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