Dr. Jim Garrow: Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes:

Dr. Jim Garrow

When you look to summarize the life of a patriot the most regrettable of facts is that the left wing Marxist media will have the final say on public opinions memory. Whether false, true, misleading or malicious in intention, an accusation of sexual impropriety will end up being the salacious summary to a life well lived.
Such is the hatred of the left wing Marxist media, intent on crucifying those who dare to have another world view, posit a God-honoring message of hope, or have the temerity to not buy into the homosexual agenda.
And so we come to the end of the life of Roger Ailes, a Republican stalwart, and producer of quality news reportage that tweaked the nose of the Commies continually. Will our remembrance of his accomplishments be that of a hero of the right or that of a man targeted by the left and wounded by accusation?
I choose to remember a champion. May you rest in peace Roger Ailes, sitting at the feet of Jesus and embracing the rewards of the God of forgiveness and grace for eternity.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships.