Gypsy Den: Our New Favorite?

We like to go out in the evenings.  To be more precise, we like to go to nice bar/restaurants in our area that have outdoor seating so that we can sit and watch the sunset while sipping wine or martinis, and then have dinner.  Sometimes we like more of the former, as opposed to the latter.  Our old haunt, Bistro 400, closed down a few years back, and since then we’ve been searching for a replacement.  We have been to Chapter One on many occasions over the years and had a few nice evenings at a few other places.  So far, at least up until now, none have been a proper replacement for the old Bistro 400.

Now comes the Gypsy Den.  Located at the corner of 2nd and Broadway in Santa Ana, it is in the central area of downtown Santa Ana.  At this address 2nd street has been closed off and is only accessible for foot traffic and bicycles.  Brick now adorns the “street” here, and the entire area has a really nice “artsy” kind of feel.

Outdoor wrap-around seating

There are two ways to enter Gypsy Den – the front door or through the outdoor seating area.  The outdoor area has a really comfortable wrap around
seating area that has thick cushions and has tables and chairs just opposite.  And yes, the outdoor seating is dog-friendly.  Upon entering, you’ll instantly notice that the walls are full of with oil paintings and lined with nice old wood furniture.  It makes you feel at home.  The clientele is mostly casual professionals and young aspiring millennials, as well as the odd person here and there. The crowd seems to mostly lean towards the older set, which is reflected in the milder 60’s rock that they play on their music system. Where ever we are we always opt for the outdoor seating if it is available, even if we do not have our dog in tow. In Southern California where the weather is (mostly) always nice, it is just so pleasant to sit outside. The waiter that took our drink order was a nice young man that took the time to actually have a conversation with us, which was nice. He lingered just long enough, but not too long. He also returned a few times to check on us and answer questions we had, then went upon his duties. I will say that they were not very busy on the Wednesday that we were there, so we cannot attest to how things go on a busy evening.

Will we return? Sure will. Is this a replacement for our old favorite Bistro 400? Time will tell, but at this point, we think it may be!

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