Dr. Jim Garrow: Want A Pick Me Up? – Watch Nancy Pelosi

Want A Pick Me Up? – Watch Nancy Pelosi:

Dr.Jim Garrow

There are few people in the world that I have observed who seem in a steady state of total disengagement from reality, Nancy Pelosi makes me roar with laughter any time she attempts to answer a question. How she is able to be out in public without a keeper sends a clear signal that her handler/s are not doing their job/s. What organization attempting to appear credible to a nation would allow dear Nancy anywhere near a questioner? This is the sort of person that you run screaming from, lest the insanity proves to be contagious.

My goodness the Democrats have totally lost it. Put her in a room without windows or doors and feed her through a small slot in the door. This woman is dangerous.
My last thought as eluded to in the title is that if you are ever feeling as if you are not competent or may not have it all together – watch Nancy for a few sentences and you will never doubt yourself again.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –
ps – My apologies to Pelosi’s ex-daughter-in-law who is a friend.

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. 

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