Genki Sushi in MainPlace Mall – Review

Conveyor belt Sushi – what’s not to love?! Located at MainPlace mall, 2800 Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705, it is convenient to much of Orange County. Parking is limited, so get there early for lunch. Opens at 11:30 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m.

We’ve been eating at this quaint little Sushi restaurant for almost a year now, making a point of getting lunch here a few times a month. We’ve rarely been disappointed, with the exception of some of the hot dishes being cold and some of the fried dishes not being crisp. That all changed recently when Genki Sushi installed a new food delivery system.

20161017_120451This new ordering and delivery system that consists of a tablet computer at each table, along with a two-level “train” that runs on tracks to deliver the food directly to your table or seating station. You order on the tablet, then hit the 20161017_120434send order button.  Your food is freshly made and delivered within minutes, or at least that is the concept. Although
we have never experienced a delay more than a few minutes, we have read a few reviews where it took up to 10 minutes to receive your order. Again, our experience has always been one of prompt service and food delivery.

During our first few visits we noticed that the waitstaff was a bit aloof, and didn’t seem very enthusiastic about their jobs. Later visits we noticed that there were a few older Asian workers that would always be on the floor. After that, the waitstaff seemed to be much friendlier and more attentive. I would bet that there were complaints that were addressed, and maybe an attitude adjustment talk here and there.

The real downside that we have with Genki Sushi, is that they use MSG in some of their sauces, as I found out when I contacted their corporate office.

These days the food is always hot and fresh, the waitstaff is always friendly, and we have generally really enjoyed our lunches.We will continue to have lunch at Genki Sushi and expect to continue to enjoy it.

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