Cafe China Super Buffet

chinabuffetChina Cafe is a nice, middle-of-the-road buffet restaurant with a fair selection of foods. Located at 17631 17th St, Tustin, it is easy enough to get to and is located close to the corner of 17th and Tustin Avenue.  They mostly use decent ingredients, with an exception. We have been here quite a few times when we decided that this place was not for us

MSG alert:  We used to like coming to this place, although the food was normally warm, not hot.  The atmosphere is okay and the food was okay.  Selection is good.

The problem is that we found out they use MSG in their food – a chemical flavor enhancement and a known carcinogen.  Drop the MSG and use more spices!  We will not be going back until we can verify that they no longer use MSG.

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