Taste of Santa Ana – Kutsi Cocina Bar and Lounge For Breakfast

luna-int-03Last weekend during one of our typical outings, we were meandering around town thinking about what we wanted to eat. It was late morning, so we had our choice between breakfast and lunch. As we drove though downtown Santa Ana, we passed several places, and decided to pull up reviews on our iPads to help us decide. We scrolled along and noticed that Kutsi was open and was serving breakfast. We had been there before on two occasions, but only for dinner and drinks. This time we were going to try out their Sunday Brunch menu.

As you enter Kutsi you will be greeted and seated by a gracious host.  Tables line the walls and center – there are no booths. You have the option of sitting outdoors, which we opted for on our last visits, but this time we sat inside. Old-style light bulbs hang from the industrial ceiling, in an artsy fashion. Although the the music was a bit loud for Sunday morning, it was not unpleasant. Playing was a mix of Latino jazz, which we both liked. The doors were open and it was a cool day, making for a very pleasant time.  We were quickly greeted by a nice lady that seated us and took our drink order. She returned with our drinks, orange juice and coffee, within a few minutes, and also brought chips with red and green salsa, and beans. These are the same that they serve with dinner, and they are really good. The chips are fried flour tortillas as opposed to corn tortillas, and they are always fresh.

We ordered the Huevos Rancheros con Chorizo (over corn tortilla, red ranchera sauce, avocado, homemade beans) for $12 and the Ceviche (shrimp, scallops, octopus, tomato, cucumber, red onion, jalapeño, mango, citrus) for $13. Portions weren’t ample, but adequate. It would have been nice to have enough on the plates to take some home for later, but there was enough to satisfy, and with the chips and salsa we had plenty. The food was nothing short of great. A complete brunch can be found HERE.

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