The Perfect Martini Recipe

In my endeavors to find the perfect Martini, I always found myself a bit disappointed when I would be at a nice bar or restaurant and order a Martini, only to find that there was something wrong with it.  Something that I did not like about it.  This eventually forced me into a personal quest to find the perfect Martini.

After many outings and many disappointments, I decided one day that if I wanted a perfect Martini, I would have toIMAG0064 learn how to mix it myself.  There were a few things that I had learned along the way, and while spending copious amounts of money at bars.

One is that the perfect Martini would have to be made with Gin.  There are those out there that prefer Vodka, but I have no idea why.  Vodka is a tasteless and odorless concoction that has no place for anything but mixing with other flavors, and to bastardize Vermouth with Vodka is a sin.  No, Gin is a must and a requirement if you have any taste whatsoever.

The next thing I learned, is that, although you may be able to skimp on the Gin, you really have to use a decent quality Vermouth, as that is where most of the real essence comes from.  To top it off, you need a health squeeze of lemon and a lemon slice.  I mix as follows:

  • Large amount of Gin
  • Decent splash of Vermouth
  • Big squeeze of lemon
  • Shaken, always shaken

You can use a Gin as inexpensive as Gilbey’s, but the Vermouth should be good quality.  I use Martini & Rossi.  Not nearly the best, but a good quality Vermouth.

There you have it!  The perfect Martini!