The Second Revolution

JohnSutherlandBy John Sutherland

So, in the coming and expected violent and destructive war between the American people and the Zionist crime lord elite’s federal police, it seems clear that the feds have, and will use, weapons of mass destruction against Americans, and that many American patriots will suffer and die as a result of the federal sociopaths coming after us.

But, maybe there is still long term hope for us Americans because guerrilla warfare usually sides with the people, and if only 3% of the Americans are able to rise up in armed resistance to the elite’s army, that would be a number in excess of 9 million, which I think still outnumbers the feds.

Incidents like the Lavoy Finucum ambush and murder by state and federal mercenaries will probably continue because that’s all the assholes in government know how to do, but I suspect that the local folks will gain, or already have access to, suitable weapons for return fire.

Of course, it should be acknowledged the feds have, and will use, biological and nuclear WMDs, which can be devastating to small groups of armed resistance fighters, but we patriots also have our own white hats inside the enemy camp.

Change is coming, and the most positive signs I see today are the signs that the American people are finally fed up with the zio-Nazi DC crime syndicate and with the state governments that work in alliance with the DC assholes. And that’s a good sign.

“People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders). People are just voting, finally, to destroy the establishment.” — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

And that also, is a good thing. It is time to bring the elites down. Hard.

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