The Myth of Debt

How would it make you feel if you learned that all the debt that we owe to the central banks for running our government, is a myth?

federal_reserveIn 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed into a law, an act that allowed the private bank known as the Federal Reserve to take over the government’s finances and the printing of our money. This decision was made on the premise that there had been a financial crash in 1907, and allowing a central bank to take over responsibility for our monetary system would help stave off further financial strife. Our government, is its infinite wisdom, gave our value as a nation over to a cartel that included the Federal Reserve and J.P. Morgan. Between these two, they conspired to gain control of our country through debt and bribery. They would bribe our politicians and We the People would become indebted to repay the debt that the politicians incurred. Over the years the Federal Reserve has continued to print our money and lend it back to us, allowing our politicians to spend many times more than our country brings in, in taxes. Our indentured slavery has been guaranteed for many decades now.

This debt, this myth that we owe money to a bank, has been perpetuated, and is only kept alive by our own ignorance. If one simply peels back a layer or two, and begins to questions how and why we would owe money to the Federal Reserve, logic seeps in and the ridiculousness of the concept starts to become apparent. Let’s think about this for a minute.

We allow the Federal Reserve to print our money. The money they print is ours – the paper it is printed on, the ink, the machines that print it, the electricity that the machines use – all ours and already paid for. The Federal Reserve then “lends” it back to us with interest. This is the ultimate scheme, and all of it rests on our belief that this is how it should be. Over the years we have somehow been duped into thinking that the Federal Reserve owns our money, the representation of the value of our labor, and it can lend it back to us, but we must repay it with interest. That would be like me breaking into your home and taking food from you, then telling you that I own it and you have to pay to get it back.

The Federal Reserve is nothing. It is a group of criminals that have convinced the masses that we are somehow indebted to them. The only value in society is the value that we produce with our sweat and labor. A bank cannot have value, and cannot own anything unless it steals it. A bank is a repository for the labors of those that wish to store their value there – nothing more.

Then we have the Internal Revenue Service. For many decades we have also been duped into thinking that the I.R.S. is also a government agency. While it is true that the I.R.S. is connected to our government, our own government has denied that it is an agency of the government (see Diversified Metal Products v. I.R.S., et al, case# 93-405-E-EJL). In all actuality the I.R.S. is a collection agency for the Federal Reserve. The same Federal Reserve that lends our own money back to us. They have their own armed police force that has the power to levy your bank accounts, thereby stealing money from you to pay for a non-existent debt that our politicians have convinced you that you owe. What a scam this is.

If you take into account the fact that the United States is a corporation, and that the Federal Reserve is a private bank that funds the corporation, and that it has its own armed collection agency, then you can see why your local banks are so willing to work with these criminal cartels to allow them to steal your money simply because they say you owe. No proof necessary, and no due process. They just send a lien to tour local bank, and the bank takes all the money from your account and gives it over. With the consolidation of the major banks in recent decades, it becomes clear how they all work together and against the People.

How can this monster of a scam ever be fixed? At this point it may be beyond fixing. As with any monetary scheme, this one is doomed to failure. The architects of the scheme are fully aware that they are on a limited time before the ultimate collapse of their scheme, but they are still working frantically to siphon all of the value out of our system that they can before they are toppled. The only fix for this lies on the other side of the collapse. Our only option is to wait it out and pick up the pieces to try and rebuild something better. Let’s all pray that the scheme ends sooner than later.

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