Trader Joe’s “Coconut Water”

20150624_130100Recently during a trip to Trade Joe’s grocery store we were doing our regular shopping, when we noticed a rack of Trader Joe’s Coconut Water. We have always liked coconut water and milk, so we bought a carton. Thinking that we could (mostly) trust Trader Joe’s and their ingredients, we didn’t check the label before we bought it. After all, on the front it simply stated “Coconut Water”, and not that it was modified or and any additional ingredients.

Well, trusting Trader Joe’s, a company owned by a large German food conglomerate, was a mistake. We normally check labels on everything before it goes into the cart, and this is especially true for other stores we shop at, but not this time.

Although the list of ingredients is short, there are two in particular that just shouldn’t be in there. Mother Nature didn’t put them there, and so there is no real 20150624_130031reason for it. The two I’m referring to are Fructose and Ascorbic Acid. Fructose is the new label that the conglomerates are using for High Fructose Corn Syrup. Recently it has become popular to use alternate labels for certain ingredients when their real label has become a source of controversy. In recent months High Fructose Corn Syrup, made from genetically modified corn, has been relabeled to Fructose in order to trick the consumer into a false sense of security. Although I wrote an article a while back regarding Trader Joe’s and their shady tactics for hiding what is really in their food [HERE], I didn’t think they would jump on the mainstream bandwagon of tricking their customers. Shame on you, Trader Joe’s. The second ingredient, Ascorbic Acid, is alleged to be vitamin C, but it is not. It is a chemical concoction that mimics vitamin C, but may be lacking in any benefit.

Once again we have decided that we will no longer shop at Trader Joe’s. In the past we decided to shop only at Mother’s Market, but for convenience we did stop at Trader Joe’s from time to time. Another motivation was that Mother’s Market is more expensive, but you really cannot put a price on your health. As I always say, I’d rather pay more for my food now than to pay for medicine later.

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