Chemotherapy: Toxic and Deadly

Reprinted from inside sources:
Principle Side Effect of Chemo is Cancer and Death
One of the side effects of chemotherapy is, ironically, cancer. The cancer doctors don’t say much about it, but it’s printed right on the chemo drug warning labels (in small print, of course). If you go into a cancer treatment clinic with one type of cancer then the chances are you will often develop a second type of cancer and die from that as a result. Your oncologist will often claim to have successfully treated your first cancer even while you develop a second or third cancer.Oncologists are peddling toxic chemotherapy chemicals to their patients as if they were medicine, which they aren’t. They are poisons. While preparing these toxic chemical prescriptions, it turns out that pharmacists are exposing themselves to cancer-causing chemotherapy agents in the process. And because of that, pharmacists are giving themselves cancer… and they’re dying from it.Chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic to the human body, and
they are readily absorbed through the skin. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed each year around the world by chemotherapy drugs. Oncologists are using the wrong types of chemotherapy drugs. There are many that are totally natural and safe like cannabinoids that are now available legally in most countries because they take out the THC but leaving in the other 60 odd cannabinoids.The National Cancer Institute readily lists the side effects of chemo are anemia, loss of appetite, bleeding problems, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, infection, memory changes, mouth and throat changes, nausea and vomiting, nerve changes, pain, sexual and fertility changes, skin and nail changes, swelling (fluid retention), and urination changes. These are really not side effects they are also main effects that are predictable from drinking or injecting poison. They can only be considered side effects from the point of view of its main effect being to poison cells and kill people. The term “side effects” falls short of the ultimate doom typical orthodox oncology offers.
The Surviving Cancer Compendium will teach both the patient and the doctor the right, most helpful and effective chemotherapy agents and it does the same with radiation. Treating cancer with radiation is one of the best ideas to come out of medicine! But betraying all semblances of intelligence oncologists, their professors and pharmaceutical companies selected the wrong form of radiation.What they selected was the type of radiation that causes cancer to treat cancer but it certainly does not cure cancer. Nuclear radiation is the death principle in full array. Humanity is getting a hard lesson with Fukushima, which might eventually, with time, extinguish most life on the surface of the planet. We need to learn the right types of frequencies, which type of radiation heal and cures by bringing only good to the cells and organs of the body.

Anyone who reads the entire compendium will know more about oncology and how to treat cancer than the vast majority of oncologists, who like most doctors, have not the slightest idea of what good basic medicine is anymore. They have no idea how important nutrition is nor how important, in terms of cure rates, minerals are as anti-cancer medicines.


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