Health Remedies of Hemp Oil, other natural remedies

Health Remedies of Hemp Oil, other natural remediesHemp-Oil-Benefits-1.jpg

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant. It does not contain THC and is free of psychoactive properties. This oil has a number of uses; the most common one is in soaps. Also, it is mixed in lubricants and paints apart from several body care products. Hemp oil can be rubbed onto the skin directly to treat dry and cracked skin or can be mixed with body creams, oils, and other beauty products. Some people even use the oil inside supplements of diets, since it has essential fatty acids in a high concentration. It can enrich the nutritional value of foods if garnished and dressed with. Though most of the skeptics among us would hardly believe reports by Underground Health about the properties of hemp oil, curing cancer seems to be a far-fetched call.


According to the website by Rick Simpson, the following benefits can be obtained from hemp oil:


  • It can treat and cure most forms of conditions and diseases.

  • Provide the means to complete safe medication with little or no side effects.

  • It manages pain effectively without causing addiction, life-crippling effects that chemical drugs tend to have, or other forms of dependency.

  • The medical system involved is much safer for users than the current system.

  • Treat certain diseases or illnesses that modern medicine fails to properly diagnose even.

  • Usage from an early stage in life result in rejuvenating the vital organs that helps to restore around 20 to 30 years to one’s life.

  • It reverses the disadvantages of aging potentially.

  • The natural power of cannabis is harnessed in a way that users get health benefits without becoming intoxicated.

  • The oil balances pH levels of the body by creating an environment that prevents growth of cancerous cells.

  • It boosts the levels of melatonin.


These claims are pretty bold considering that the medicine in question is simple herbal oil from a cannabis plant. However, there are many users of this oil by Simpson that claim to have used this formula against cancer and have successfully beaten it, which proves the positive effects on our health of the compound.


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Hemp seed oil has a rich source of LNA (Omega 3) and LA (Omega 6) in balanced proportions. This is why, the conditions that are caused by deficiency of these to sources, can be treated with this one oil. LNA produces smoother skin that has increased stamina, increases vitality, speeds healing, reduces inflammation, calms you when restless, increases platelet stickiness, enables water retention, controls blood pressure, reduces plain, enhances immunity, treats bacterial infection, reverses pre-menstrual syndrome, decreases swelling due to arthritis, and helps in brain development among children.


One can see how effective smoking cannabis medicine is with all the benefits it can reap. It is surprising how inhaling smoke works better than many expensive drugs. But there are primarily two differences with oil extracted from cannabis. Firstly, oil has a more powerful effect since canna-binoids in it are more concentrated than while smoking. Secondly, the oil is digested and absorbed in the system.

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