I have been following the reboot of the global banking system for 6 years now. This new system is 2000-0042due to ancient Chinese families/societies having taken control of the global banking system for the greater good of all humanity. They are releasing to the world quadrillions of dollars in gold which they have been safekeeping for 2000 years.

These ancient Chinese families are simply not going to allow the funding for any more wars. The Pentagon Patriots have already refused to follow Obama’s orders to bomb Iran (at the order of the Zionist bankers). The Pentagon Patriots also refused Obama’s orders to attack Syria (again at the order of the Zionist bankers). Since the Zionist bankers did not get their global war, Obama and the

Collapsing dollar

Collapsing dollar

Zionist bankers are trying to start trouble everywhere. The Pentagon Patriots also refused Obama’s orders ( again at the order of the Zionist bankers) to detonate 2 nuclear bombs in South Carolina. That’s why Obama has purged about 200 high ranking patriotic military over the last 5 years. An unprecedented course of action. There will be peace on Earth.

Also, there will be the release of 5000-6000 patents held by the Pentagon which the Zionist bankers have hidden from us. Included in these patents are very advanced medical procedures for the very quick replacement of lost limbs and surely advanced skin grafting procedures for our wounded warriors.

I am afraid there are many things we have “been taught” that are not the truth. We have “been taught” our Founding Fathers won the war against the Crown and the Cash (Zionist bankers of London led by the Rothschild family). That could not be further from the truth. The Zionist bankers led by the Rothschild family simply had too much money. The work of our Founding Fathers was defeated over 140 years ago. The whores and harlots in DC have not been our politicians for over 140 years, they have been the politicians of the Crown and the Cash.
1. The evil goes back to The Act of 1871. Under this act, Washington DC is NOT the government of our nation, it is Not a democracy and it is NOT a republic. It is a privately owned corporation. If any of our guys has access to Dunn and Bradstreet they can see the owners and officers of the corporate DC. Legally, all the laws the whores and harlots pass are binding ONLY upon the citizens of the corporation or the 10 square mile area of DC. All their laws are voluntary for the other 99.9999% of our country. Income tax is voluntary, Obamacare is voluntary. I am sure Wayne Yakes would love to hear that piece of news. He may send to ALL of his colleagues in the medical profession. Also, our system of jurisprudence is British Maritime law, BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry and all attorneys when taking their bar oath are confirming they are subjects of the Crown. All judges know this, all district attorneys know this and all prosecutors know this. When you by a flag it is red, white and blue. When you go into any courtroom, it is red, white and blue with the gold fringe. The gold fringe is a sign or symbol the court is a subject of the Crown. Many are good people, just caught in the money trap.
2. We will now go to the year 1913, the greatest act of theft, tyranny and treason. In 1913, the whores and harlots created the Federal Reserve which is a privately owned and UNCONSTITUTIONAL banking entity as Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution states Congress is to coin our money and determine its value. All the whores took an oath to uphold the Constitution, they have broken that oath for 100 years. Does not matter what party, they are all whores to the Zionist bankers.
3. Also created in 1913, the sister corporation IRS. It is not a government entity, it is a private collection agency for the owners of the Federal Reserve. They steal 90% of our taxes.

Simply put, the work of our Founding Fathers was defeated over 100 years ago. Because the media is controlled by the Zionist bankers, we do not know the truth.

For more of the truth the guys may go to may Facebook page, William M Porter, Jr. When you get to the page, hit on my name so you can see my timeline of videos and articles.
1. You may see videos and articles about the lies of all the wars in the Middle East, about 9/11 and the evil of the Bush family.
2. You may see video and articles on the Global Collateral Accounts. In 1944 under the Bretton Woods Agreement, all countries gave gold to the Federal Reserve to rebuild countries and provide prosperity, but the Zionist bankers and their DC whores have hidden/stolen this gold. It is my understanding it has been recovered and is part of the packages to be released.
3. You may see an article on the Pentagon anti-gravity space crafts.
4. You may see articles on Obama (and his handlers) wanting to destroy the dollar which I believe should be obvious to anyone. From 10.3 trillion to 17 trillion and not one whore has told us how we are going to pay this back.
5. You may read the article on DHS preparing for the economic collapse which I again believe should be obvious to anyone. It is not going to happen thanks to the ancient families of China.
6. You may read several articles from Benjamin Fulford concerning the reboot of the global banking system. The ancient Chinese families provide him protection as well as information and he has contacts with very high Pentagon Patriots and patriotic CIA. He is the real deal.

If Rudy Garcia receives permission from the base commander, I will be more than happy to come in for a presentation. I will need a large screen for the presentation and someone to help me put the articles in order by subject. Rudy can email me at I would suggest as soon as possible. If Rudy wants to send to all in the military, that’s fine. If the base commander wants to send to all other base commanders, that is fine. My suggestion is that all the military-Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines-should join forces with the Pentagon Patriots and defy the whores and give them a simple show of force. No violence, just a simple show of force.

To my fishing buddy, Oscar Cervantes: You don’t need to worry about me being delusional. Trust me.

God Bless America
Bill Porter
CHS 1971

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