Gustavo Arellano: A Bigoted OCWeekly Lefty

Referencing an article on OCWeekly: In a recent article over at the left-leaning OCWeekly, a left-wing extremist, named Gustavo Arellano who writes for the God-awful publication that promotes racism, recently wrote a piece titled,

Bigot and Racist

Bigot and Racist

“Report: Tea Party Republicans Ate Crappy Mexican Food While They Plotted to Destroy America with Government Shutdown”. Typical of Socialist tripe, this moron enjoys making baseless statements that he could not back up with facts even if he actually knew how to research them.  The mantra of, “always blame others for your own failures” seems to permeate these idiotic articles.  In one bountifully and intellectually charged statement, Arellano said, “stuck in the 1980s, just like the politics of Cruz and his pendejos”.  For those of us that don’t know what the word “pendejos” means, it translates to “asshole”.  Really? You try and impeach others with slanderous statements, and all you can do is call names?  What Arellano failed to do, besides act like an adult and respectfully disagree with fellow human beings, is bring up any topics that he disagrees with, and why.  As his stretched-to-the-limit double-digit I.Q. would perpetuate, he is too paranoid to bring up any facts because he would soon come to appear foolish, being unable to support his emotion-based tirade. My kids are half-Hispanic. Their mom is Hispanic.  I have been heavily involved in the Hispanic community for years now, and currently live in a predominately Hispanic city/neighborhood.  What I have not seen, is this kind of racist and bigoted attitude, especially coming from a community publication that should hold themselves to a higher standard. I am truly disappointed that a publication that is supposed to represent Orange County, California would be so irresponsible to have such nonsense published on their site.  This sort of garbage is divisive and hurtful, especially considering that OCWeekly has successfully alienated at least 50% of their readers by taking such an extremist and irresponsible approach to who and what they publish.  How’s that for a business model?  This rag does not by any means represent the thoughts, feelings, politics, or intellect of any of the fellow business owners, Hispanic or otherwise, that our businesses deal with in Orange County.  Shame on you, OCWeekly.  You have diminished yourself with this ugly, bigoted person.

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