Letter to Loretta Sanchez re War on Syria

Rep. Sanchez:I write you today, to implore you to vote against this un-Constitutional war that President Obama is attempting to wage against the “terrorists” in Syria.  The “facts” that the administration expounds are questionable, at best.  Many other nations dispute that the Assad administration gassed his own people,

Rep. Loretta Sanchez

Rep. Loretta Sanchez

and others are simply not willing to commit.  Another note is that with the President’s stance on invading other countries for atrocities, why have we only imposed sanctions on countries like North Korea?  Why not invade and topple that horrific regime?  Why not impose sanctions on Syria first?  That lends itself to speculation that there are ulterior motives wishing to invade and topple Assad.

To think that the United States would send its young man and women some 6,000 miles away to support al-Qaeda in an effort to overthrow a democratically-elected government, is a criminal act.  Perhaps we should have a nation vote, and then send all the people in favor of attaching Syria, to Syria to do the fighting.  Would Congress be willing to be first on the battlefield?

The good people of Congress should at the very least be talking about impeachment, and perhaps criminal charges, if this wayward administration moves forward with this heinous attack on the sovereign nation of Syria.

I eagerly await your response.

Henry Wright – Staff Writer

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