Bankers Really Have No Value, No Worth

Bankers: seems that these days even the sound of that word make most people cringe.  In years past, this reporter would have had a certain respect for bankers in the same way that I would have had respect for anyone in an honorable career.  It wasn’t until 2007 when the economy crashed, that many, including myself,evil-banker began to take a look around at those things that we valued, and started to question everything.

When we here at The Daily Digest first started researching issues around what caused the financial collapse, we had no idea where we would end up.  It seemed that every time we learned something new about how our monetary system works, we would uncover several more areas that needed to be researched.  We found that the Federal Reserve (a private bank) and the I.R.S. were in bed together, as can be read in THIS article.  We found that all the banks were largely owned by a few mega-banks, and those were controlled by a small circle of elitists that control most of the political structures in the world.  We also uncovered the fact that every war that has been fought in modern times were started on the premise of a false-flag, and were fought on behalf of the banking cartels that wanted to topple governments in order to install a puppet regime that they could use to take control of the natural resources and the people.  And so how is it that these bankers garner so much power and authority?  Who gives it to them, and why is it that the people of nations around the world allow themselves to succumb to these megalithic banking cartels?

On the surface, one might conclude that it seems obvious that they have all the money, and therefore they have all the control.  I ask you, the reader, to stop for a moment and consider this from a  conceptual viewpoint.  Take off the blinders, the rose-colored glasses, and peer beyond the veil of your programmed thought process.  Step outside the system. Think in terms of if you were an alien being visiting Earth for the first time, and learning about how people exchange their goods with one another.  From that perspective you may come to draw some very different conclusions regarding the value of our bankers, banking cartels, and our own government.

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