Bankers Really Have No Value, No Worth

The reality

We the people have all the power.  We own everything, and yes even that area behind the fence that no-trespassing-signhas a sign saying no trespassing on land that you own.  Yes, you own it all.  Not the U.S. Government.  The government cannot “own” anything and we own the government.  It’s that simple.  Our power comes in the fact that the government is answerable to us, and not the other way around.  We’d best get it together soon, though.  With all the Executive Orders that have been put into place, we need to make haste with what ever course required to correct the expansion of the criminal enterprise now running Washington D.C.  Although almost Mafia-like, at least in dealing with the Mafia there is an honesty in knowing what you are up against and the repercussions.  With these criminal politicians, you never know what they are really up to.

In taking back our power, there are many steps that we will have to take.  One of the major steps will be cutting the money supply and keeping our value local.  A good tax revolt would be a start.  If everyone (or most people) would simply stop allowing payroll tax to come out of their paychecks, the unwieldy D.C. enterprise would come to a grinding halt.  The politicians that are now privy to insider deals, free healthcare, and spending our money like a spoiled teenager (sorry to insult teenagers) would have to rethink their criminal ways and start actually representing the People, as opposed to trying to lead us in directions that we are quickly deciding we don’t want to go.

As we become more and more enlightened and tuned in to what is going on, perhaps there will be a chance for us.  God help us all.  There is still time, but the bigger question is whether or not there is still the will.

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