Bankers Really Have No Value, No Worth

The money myth

Money itself is also a myth.  The banking cartels have managed over the years to co-opt our political and monetary system, and convinced our politicians to remove the dollar from the gold standard.  When that happened it allowed the banking cartels to control the value of the dollar, which in essence controls the value of our labors.  As the dollar becomes worth less, we must all work a little harder for the goods that we need.  Those goods have not become more valuable to us, but our labor has become less valuable because we exchange our labor for a piece of paper that is controlled by the banks.  Once we do that, we lose control of our value, our worth, and turn it over to others that do not have our best interest at heart.

The Federal Reserve myth

The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned bank that was founded in 1913 after Woodrow Wilson sold our nation into debt slavery.  The design was to have a central bank that would lend money to the government, and we the taxpayers would pay back that debt through our tax system.  As we see it now, the problems that created are obvious.  Let’s think about a few things first, then explore the havoc that the Federal Reserve and our politicians have created.

To start to understand what has happened to us, you must look at the people that are supposed to represent us.  Although they like to refer to themselves as “leaders”, they are not.  They are representatives.  It takes a certain personality type to wish to be in a position where you can control money and people.  The best way that it can be described is someone with an extreme ego, a need for power, and a pompousness.  What we end up with is someone with an amoral personality, an extreme ego, a need for power, a pompous person, arrogance, and an acute sense of how to deceive others.  And these are the people that we put in charge of the purse strings. These arrogant politicians have decided, on their own, that they can fund whatever wars, projects, bills, regulatory agencies, and departments that they wish, and we the people are stuck with the bill.

That in mind it was only natural, understanding the type of personalities we have running the country, that the politicians would be eager to run our country into debt without concern with what that debt would do to the current and future taxpayers.  We the enslaved…

And now to the point of the mythical Federal Reserve.  I have a standard question that I have asked of many people, but there is no real reply for it.  More rhetorical than anything, it does tend to make one think of the realities in believing that we actually owe the Federal Reserve anything.  The question is something like this, “If we the people own all the value, wealth, property, labor, and we the people own the building that the Federal Reserve resides on, and we the people own the electricity that runs the building, and we the people own the printing presses that print the money, the paper, the ink, then how can we the people owe the Federal Reserve for printing our money and giving it to us?”.  You see the quandary?  Perhaps we could give them a small stipend in return for running the printing presses, but they have made John Q. Public actually believe the lie that, just because they printed it, they own the value of it and they will “lend” it to us.  And then they have us enslaved to pay them back.  What a trick they played on us all.

Once you incorporate this thought into your process, it becomes ever so clear that we have been the victims of a huge scam that has been fueled by decades of lying politicians who stay in bed with the banking cartels (Federal Reserve included) in order to enrich themselves and enslave us.  The People.  Actually, the serfs.

The government will probably attempt soon to force us onto a cashless system.  That would be the next logical step in their attempts to control and enslave us.  Right now at least we have the option of using cash and have some pretense of control.  Soon that will be a thing of the past, too.

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