Bankers Really Have No Value, No Worth

The value myth

Conceptually thinking, you might come to the conclusion that banks have no intrinsic value whatsoever, and you would be correct.  Consider this: in order to have value, you have to produce a product.  You might think that banks produce a product in that they are lenders and can finance growth and expansion.  The growth and expansion that they finance is all based on a myth.  The myth is that the bank lending the money does not have the value behind it to produce a venue for that growth.  All the bank can produce is debt, which in essence, enslaves the borrower to the bank.  Debt is not a product that is of any value to anyone, but is only a detriment.  The money that banks lend is based on the money that others have deposited – the value of the labors of others.  When you go into debt to a bank, your value is lost.

Also consider that when a bank charges you interest on your loan, that interest is not being appreciated by the depositor of that money.  The person that deposited money into their account only receives a fraction of what the bank takes in.  This sort of gouging has been going on since the inception of banking.

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