Letter to Santa Ana, California City Council re Fluoridation of Water

Find below an email that I sent to the Santa Ana City Council asking why they continue to fluoridate the water supply in that city.  This is a series that I intend to put together where I will contact the City


Fluoride does more than lower I.Q. It cause all kids of problems for teeth and gums.

Councils in various cities, starting in southern California.  I will also post when I receive responses and update if I do not.

Subject: Fluoridated Water
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 09:07:27 -0700
From: TheEditor <editor@thedailydigest.org>
To: council@santa-ana.org

Counsel People:

I am writing an article on why the various cities in Orange County continue to Fluoridate the water.

I wonder if any of you could please comment as to why, with all the recent data regarding the downside of Fluoridating water, that the city of Santa Ana continues to allow this known poison to be added to the water supply.

Henry Wright – Staff Writer

Fax (855) 442-1522


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