Citizens are Above Being Regulated

Reprinted from private sources:
It is all our duty as citizens of this Republic to enforce the terms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights… It is the Citizens of the States that are above the Constitution in standing; it is our will that is expressed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights; all offices under the Constitution are there to serve us, not be our masters.

Ultimately, if we’re to regain our freedom we must regain control of this government. One of the greatest ways that can be achieved is if we simply stop doing what they tell us. If it isn’t permitted in the Constitution as LAWFULLY amended per Article V, then we have no



obligation or duty to obey.

Stop complying with unconstitutional laws and don’t wait for the Supreme Court to tell you; read the Constitution for yourself, make your own determination, and then be prepared to back that determination up with force… the real purpose of Article IV of the Bill of Rights.

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