Are You a U.S Citizen or Sovereign Citizen?

“The PERMISSION granted by competent AUTHORITY to exercise a certain PRIVILEGE that, without such authorization, would constitute an ILLEGAL ACT, a TRESSPASS or a TORT. The certificate or the document itself that confers permission to engage in otherwise proscribed conduct.” ….SO LETS GET THIS RIGHT….A LICENSE IS PERMISSION TO BREAK THE LAW????? A license is a permit issued by the State, for you to do something that, were you not licensed, would be illegal. The State retains all control of your behavior with regard to the act being licensed. The State can revoke, suspend or amend your license at any time; you have no rights as long as you possess the license. Take a look at some of the things which we have been told require licensing by the State. Are they urlinherently illegal? The most notorious contract responsible for the encroachments on our personal freedom is embodied in the Social Security application, Form SS-5. This form is attached to an adhesion contract, which means that you can agree to its terms or not, but you cannot alter the contract in any way.

This contract establishes you as a United States (federal) citizen. By accepting the privilege of U.S. citizenship you have waived your unalienable rights and given up the protection of the Constitution for the United States.

Every time you sign your name to Form W-4, IRS Form 1040, endorse the back of a check, check the box on a government form identifying yourself as a “U.S. citizen” etc., you renew your contract with the federal government.

If you are like most people, your parents originally obtained a Social Security number for you, thereby binding you to the federal government’s adhesion contract. Most likely, they were unwitting accomplices to the government’s efforts to subjugate the population. However, when you turned eighteen and did not revoke this contract, you agreed to its terms just as if you had originally signed it.
Social Security is by no means the only government contract which has been used to subject the people to a jurisdiction foreign to them. State issued licenses and registrations represent another type of insidious contract that State and federal governments use to control people.However, there is a provision in law that requires all parties entering into a contract to do so knowingly, willfully, and voluntarily, with full disclosure of all of the terms of the contract prior to signing. Otherwise, the contract is considered unconscionable and an act of fraud, and may be nullified and revoked dating back to its original signing; anything that takes place under the terms of an unconscionable contract is void, as if it never happened in the first place.

This means that technically, you are entitled to a refund of every penny you ever paid into Social Security, federal or State income taxes, SSI, Medicare, etc. Don’t count on a refund, though. You’re not likely to get one unless you are prepared for a lengthy court battle, and even then, the odds of your winning in the corrupt United States judicial system are very low. If you don’t want to engage in such a struggle, then just consider yourself fortunate to be out from under the thumb of government regulation and leave it at that.VIA JOE OTF CONTREL

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