Governments, Control, Religion, Excuses to Rule the People

Reprinted from private sources:

Mankind does not change and our basic nature being what it is, the founders understood human tendencies toward selfishness, pride, greed and all of our other failings. History has never met a democracy that didn’t destroy itself.

This is not to say that the representative system worked as it hasn’t. But not because of itself, but because of us. That’s the greatest lesson of history. Not that those who forget it are condemned to repeat it, but that we fail to recognize that people DON’T learn the lessons of history.

Democracy is a distraction. It is the condom the insiders roll on each time they use the power of government to screw us again while getting rich in the process. Democracy is a tool of evil. The issue is one of limited government, not the “will of the people”.

No one is free if government is not constrained and today, the US government recognizes NO limits upon its powers. This deliberate engineering has led to the connected, money power, using the force of government regulation to enable their monopolies and destroy the competition. The elite get rich and keep the unconnected out of the market. Government chooses winners and loosers, keeping the masses misinformed and in a welfare induced stupor. Opponents are destroyed politically, economically and if need be, criminally.

Democracy is another tool in the box used to keep us believing that we’re free. Just as ranchers allow their cattle to free range so that the herd never realizes the truth. It makes the livestock more productive and profitable. Similarly, Americans falsely believe they too are “free” as we’re told to vote every four years to grant legitimacy to whichever puppet happens to be the tool of the moment. We may change employment, or choose not to be employed. All of the human chattel is productive to the system – even those on public assistance as they reliably vote for ever more government.

Remember this as you think for yourself and draw your own conclusions here: ANYTHING the system lets you know is NOT because of some great reporter and his ‘scoop’ or a brave insider who leaks something revealing. Its solely because the system WANTS you to know. Sure, occasionally some truth gets out but keep in mind who these people are and how they operate.

One of the greatest unknown truths, and an undeniable one at that, is that ALL governance is by consent of the governed. Its immaterial how that consent is generated. Few fully realize this but I promise you, those in the highest levels of government do.

In my past work, I have outlined Hegelian Dialectic, Problem/Reaction/Solution, fear and scarcity based memes and other tricks contained in the societal manipulation playbook. I also pointed out that when all else fails, and control is slipping from their grasp – the control system usually goes to war.

No society, even the worst of the police states could ever control everyone. We ourselves are the tools of our own oppression: we are self controlling. The cops can’t be everywhere, so why isn’t there more crime? Because of our internal self control.

With unlimited budgets, think tanks like Tavistock use the science of psychology to figure out endless ways of using the mind of the oppressed as the greatest tool of oppression. If you can control the knowledge of the past, then you control the perceptions of the present. This is why schools don’t teach any more than is necessary for the wage slaves to operate the equipment or manage those who do.

No free society can last long if the very people who mean to be free care little about who runs their government. Or is miseducated, or disengaged from their civic affairs. This is how a private central bank was brought about and issues the public’s currency as public debt serviced by income taxation – at a tax exempt profit. This is how wars of empire can be waged and how a police state grew in our midst. Time has shown that the most prosperous societies are the ones with the least government.

Democracy is by definition majority rule, yes?

What that in reality means, is that if my gang is bigger than yours, or if we can convince enough stupid people; we can do essentially whatever we please. A system without constraint, without limits upon the power of government; democracy, theocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship, what’s the difference?

Its an undeniable truth of life that you get the government you deserve, and considering the absolute apathy out there, boy do we deserve a self serving, myopic tyranny.

Many see that government must be limited, but mistaking that it matters less what government does then who is in charge, This makes an incredibly foolish assumption the founding fathers warned us to avoid. A mistake the entire system was designed to prevent. The idea that “someone” else knows best. The idea that anyone could possibly know more that anyone else about what is best for them is only applicable for children and the mentally incompetent.

The prime reason government must be limited and why the founder’s abhorred direct democracy was people. Its well understood from biblical times than mankind is flawed. People make mistakes and no matter who is in charge, absolute power, corrupts absolutely, more accurately should read its not that power corrupts but that the corrupt seek power. To hold the mistaken idea that people can be improved upon is a principle tenet of the political Left and collectivists in general.

As I have said in other postings, there are essentially two types of thinking in the world once you strip away the facade of race, sex, religion and affiliations. Those who wish to be left alone and those who will not leave you alone. This last category is populated with some of history’s worst criminals because they commit these atrocities with the consent of their own conscience. They deeply believe they know what’s best for you, BETTER than you do. That is the root of ALL tyranny in the world. Not greed, and certainly not religion as the Elite’s would have you think.

And these people naturally gravitate towards government so that they may impose their wonderful ideas on the rest of us. When people seem to feel the answer is MORE government, it clearly shows a lack of both historical perspective as well as accurate information.

What actually worked in practice for generations is limited republican (small R) government. When we only look at recent history, or even the last 100 years then of course by this narrow perspective it APPEARS that the fault lies with flawed office holders. But this is precisely what the Statist wants you to think, and why the education system and the media are geared to reinforce this thinking.

If at once we understand that we suffer under a Fascist oligarchy, enabled by central banking money from nothing, then we can easily see how pleas for “democracy” are actually a means to enable further tyranny. How easy it would be that instead of worrying about the limitations of the State, all some demagogue would need is 51%?

Only ONE time in 5,000 years of recorded history has the world known true liberty. Once, as this Republic showed the world that mankind can exercise individual sovereignty and self governance. The money power and the ruling elites have spent untold wealth and blood to destroy this. That’s the underlying goal of all collectivist movements funded by these elites: that there be no private property.

Please don’t fall sucker for the illusions and enable this.

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