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Transvestite Man In A Dress Named ‘Tiffany Moore’ Who Freaked Out When Store Clerk Called Him Sir Instead Of Ma’am Says Rage Was Justified

By Geoffrey Grider A New Mexico man who became irate and threatened violence inside of a GameStop store when he was called “sir” instead of “ma’am” says that he “would do it 100,000 times again” because his “actions were justified” at “blatant and malicious hate.” If you believe that you are a gender that is…

CLOSE SHAVE: Gillette New Anti-Man ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Campaign Sparks Global Uproar As Angry Customers Call For A Boycott

By Geoffrey Grider Conservative customers are dumping their Gillette razors en masse in response to the company’s recent controversial ad which denounces ‘toxic masculinity’ and calls on boys to be ‘the best a man can get’. In case you haven’t noticed, there is war on men being waged across not only the Liberal fake news…

Google Under Fire For Allow Conversion Therapy App From Texas Christian Group That Encourages LGBTQ People To ‘Pray The Gay Away’

By Geoffrey Grider Google has come under fire for featuring an app that encourages LGBTQ gay and transgender people to seek controversial conversion therapy in its online store. One of the most dangerous aspects of the LGBTQ Movement is that people are being told that things like being transgender are normal and natural, when in fact they are…

Presbyterian Pastor Justin Hoke Who Posted ‘Bruce Jenner Is Still A Man’ Fired After LGBTQ Activists Demanded His Ouster From The Pulpit

By Geoffrey Grider It appears that angry LGBTQ activists in a small California community have successfully had Presbyterian pastor ousted for speaking the truth about homosexuality, transgenderism and Bruce Jenner Facts are facts, people, they don’t change. Bruce Jenner may legally have changed his name to Caitlyn, but underneath the expensive dresses and breast implants,…

Saudi Girl We Told You About, Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, Who Begged For Asylum To Avoid Being Murdered For Leaving Islam Now Safe In Canada

By Geoffrey Grider The 18-year-old Saudi girl Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun who fled her family fearing they would kill her after she rejected Islam has arrived in Toronto. Instead of having her throat cut in a Muslim honor killing, beautiful Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun has arrived safely within the borders of our sister nation to the north,…


Scenes to Remember – Little Harbor at Catalina Island

Scenes to Remember series are comprised of short clips of really pretty scenery with music in the background. Just some nice views from the sailboat. We will upload these in between our regular adventures. Thanks for watching! We absolutely LOVE sailing and we LOVE our part-time liveaboard sailboat, a Morgan 41 Out Island! Visit our…